We've made buying a vehicle easier than it's ever been before! 

Beside our remote services, including video walkarounds and online trade values - you can get a Fast Pass at Anderson Rock River Ford!  Look for the FAST PASS button on any new or used vehicle on our website - you can configure payments, get a trade value, choose protection products (such as gap insurance or wheel & tire protection), apply for financing - you can even put a deposit on a vehicle via paypal! 

Go ahead and get started with FAST PASS!  Just click on one of the options below and look for the FAST PASS button:

I'm shopping for a new car

How does FAST PASS work?

When you begin to create your deal you'll be asked a few questions to help determine incentive eligibility and interest rate.  You'll get real payments on real vehicles - this is a transparent process that puts you in the driver's seat!  You'll be able to adjust down payment, see different payment choices and select options such as maintenance and service contracts.

It's shareable.  At any point in the deal creation process, you can share the deal with your significant other, a parent or friend.  You can even save your deal and come back later.

Time savings.  Once you've created your deal, all you have to do is come in to the dealership, test drive the vehicle, sign the paperwork and drive away in your new vehicle! The average FAST PASS buyer saves about 2 hours in the dealership.

Convenience.  Whether you're interested in purchasing with dealer financing, leasing or paying cash for your new vehicle - it can now all be done completely online.  Items such as driver's license and insurance forms can even be uploaded through our secure FAST PASS system.  Imagine being able to shop AND purchase from the comfort of your home!

Remote paperwork and delivery are available.*  This is a safe, fast and contact-free way of buying your next vehicle! 

Have questions?  Give us a call at 888-485-0578 and we can help walk you through the process!

*Remote delivery within mileage range. Some contracts may need to be signed in person at the dealership.  Ask us about details.

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